Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leaving in 2 days!

Hey everybody, I know most people arent keen on reading other people's blogs, but what the hey! maybe a few people will give it a read.

So I am going to Ghana in Africa from May 29 to June 25.  It is a University course called Global Citizenship.  We are studying at the University of Ghana in Accra for 2 weeks, then we are going to small village for 8 days.  For a good brief intro on what global citizenship actually is check out this short article:

After Ghana I am flying to Amsterdam, where I will stay for a few days, working on my final paper and showering and what not.  Then I am getting in a van which has been dubbed the Hajji with my friend Ben and 4 other people.  We will head out for a van/camping tour of Eastern Europe.  My final stop will be in Istanbul in the last week of July!

If you are so inclined, check back here now and then for updates on my travels and maybe the odd picture or two!  Comments would be sweet too!