Thursday, July 23, 2009

Greece is in the EU!

Hey hey,

Just a quick update, not much to report, no real crazy adventures in the last few days. We left Macedonia on Sunday and rolled into Greece just after midnight! Quite a beautiful country, as expected I guess! We spent two night at a really nice campground just outside of Thessalaniki. The Greeks are delightfully nice, they dont see too many young people at the campground so all the old folks were taking us in and feeding us feta, olives and ouzo. The hajji makes friends were ever she goes.
We rolled out of the city on late wednesday and arrived in Kavala, where we are now late at night. We slept in the parking lot of the airport so that we could get Jalil on his flight at a 6am. Latif left a week ago, but the addition of him and his friend Jalil was just an amazing blessing for the Hajji. Such cool guys, we will miss them greatly. Spent the day sleeping on the beach, just chilling with Benny in the internet cafe now. This city was founded in 14AD, so cool and old with big old aqua ducts running through it, right on the ocean. The plan is take off for Turkey tommorrow, but who knows when we roll in...
I am really looking forward to Turkey... and only one week till I leave the Hajji crew...

See yous soon,

Addy in Greece

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