Monday, July 6, 2009

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Hey hey,
So I am in Prague right now, sitting in the apartment of Ben´s spanish friend from school in Sweden!
Pam and I managed to get into Fleet Foxes in Amsterdam and it changed our lives! By far the most amazing show I have ever seen! Without a word of a lie I was brought to tears during my favorite song! Words cannot even describe how heavenly the concert was...
I sadly said goodbye to Pamela on Saturday and jumped on a train to meet Ben and the crew in Maastricht. We started in the van and thanks to my navigation skills we drove 1 hour in the wrong direction... Thankfully thanks to my navigation skills we got on the right track and drove 7 hours to Nurenburg, home of Marcus´s family and the Nazi´s. All the major Nazi rallys were held there. We toured the city and ate some Braughtwursts and drank a beer and took off. We drove several more hours and arrived in Prague around 2am. However the city is the most confusing ever, as far as streets go, and took us several more hours to find Alavaro´s place. We slept something fierce and woke up and then toured Prague! Oh my goodness, probably the most beautiful city I have seen, it is so gorgeous it doesnt seem real, like it is a sound stage at Universal Studios... Today Marcus and Ben and I are going to Pilsin to visit the place where beer is made.
Tomorrow we are driving to Vienna, which is in Austria? I dont even know... We spend a night there and then we drive to Novi Sad in Serbia for 4 or 5 days at Exist Festival, for some sun and music!
Sorry I havent been personally responding to people, my internet time is so limited, people are always waiting to use the computer etc, or internet time is expensive blah blah blah
So brett, matty, niki tristan, anne, jill and jenn.... Thank you and I love you and I hope all is well!

Addy in Praha

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  1. Nürnberg.. also home of the war crimes trials post - WWII. Never been, must have been interesting! I'm gonna stop posting now... so it seems like a have a life.