Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Week and a bit

Hey everyone!
Firstly, internet is super sparse! I managed to sweet talk my way into the international programmes office at the university of ghana and use one of their computers, however it took aproximately 45 minutes to load this website! So, whilst in Africa, internet is not easy.
I am having a pretty fantastic time so far! So much has happened in the first week that it feels like i have been here for so long! It is super hot, and I mean hot, like 40 degrees during the day and around 30 night. I got made heat rash on my arm, first time i have had it, and it sucks. Also, i got bed bugs, so my entire torso is covered in red bites! It looks far worse than it feels! I actually feel pretty good, aside from sweating 500 buckets of sweat a day and feeling dirty and sticky all the time I feel pretty good!
So i am living in a hostel on the University which is about 30 minutes from the capital, called Accra. The city is much like cities i have seen in India and China. Organized chaos with lots of crazy traffic and millions of people and markets and lots of in your face poverty. So many sights, sounds, smells and sensations, its like a festival for the senses! The people in the market are super pushy and want to sell you stuff at ANY cost! They are annoying and i want to punch some throats but they can be friendly and talkative and you can actually learn alot from them cause they will always answer your questions.
We went to the Cape Coast which was just stunning, beautiful ocean views with little fishing villages etc. We went to Elmina Castle (google it) which was one of the major shipping ports for slaves out of Africa. We walked through dungeons where thousands of slaves were kept and tortured. It was a pretty surreal experience, the beauty of the coast contrasted with the madness and genocide that went on in the castle was overwhelming.
We went to a local school for two days and played with the kiddies and watched some classes. It was madness, Hundreds of adorable African school children all wanting to take pictures and play games and touch my white mushy skin and stroke my magnificient white man beard. It was by far the best part of the trip so far! I took plenty of pictures and video!
We are going to three hospitals tomorrow, which I am not excited about! Visiting a fever unit in Africa? Uh no thankyou!
Then we are off to the village near Kumasi on Saturday until the following Saturday. Not sure what to expect from the village.... should be fun!
Well, I should go, considering I have been sitting in this office for 3 hours...

Hope all is well!


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  1. glad you're doing well Addy, still jealous! though can't imagine the heat rash I would get there... sucks, eh?