Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Supper I want a Party Platter!

Hey hey,
So i just wrote this blog entry and lost it! So I really want to punch this computer screen right now! But yeah, we got back from the village on Saturday night and we are back at the University Of Ghana campus! The village was intense! It was right out of one of those world vision infomericals! Kids with protruding bellies and flies on their faces and poverty like I have never seen. I thought I had seen it all and was prepared for just about anything but the village was definitely an experience that has had an effect on me! Working in the school in the village was fun, the kids mostly couldnt speak English so I felt right at home and just played some games I have in my bag of tricks from teaching in Asia. It was a small community, about 350 people, with more than half of that being kids on under 10! So there wasnt a lot too but explore the village and meet the people, who were very interesting and I had conversations that ranged from being hilarious to down right frightening! I have never been so stinky and dirty and horrible in my whole life! Showering back here at the hostel was so glorious, however I still stink, I just cant wash it off! I have gnarly red throbbing bites all over my feet and ankles and at this point chopping off my feet sounds pretty delightful! Other than that I am feeling fine, we lost one girl on the trip to Malaria or Typhoid. She was flown back to Canada and is in a hospital in Calgary. I believe she is doing perfectly now, but went through a sketchy patch here in Ghana! Everyone is healthy now and we leave tomorrow! The month is finally over! So I fly to A'dam and get there early Friday morning, I am meeting my friend from China there and staying at her place for a night. Then the lovely and amazing Ms. Pamela is arriving on Saturday! So we have a week together in A'dam before she leaves for back home and I head out in the van with Paylor and company....
I liked Ghana and had a great time! But it is not my favorite country in the world and I am ready to get the eff out of here!
Hope everyone is fine, send me an email or something and let me know whats up! I will be able to respond better Im sure, once I am in Europe!


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