Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey everyone!
So here on my 5th day in Amsterdam, cannot believe it has been that long! It has been AMAZING so far, and doing it all with Pam is pure heaven! Coming from Africa has made this city just divine! Its soooo beautiful and the people are so friendly and young and healthy! We went to the Heinken brewery and it was wonderful! Lots of beer!
Please check out our dutch karoke!

And we are trying to get into see Fleet Foxes, our most favoritist band in the whole wide world! We were eating lunch outside the venue they are playing in and Pam spotted one of the gorgeous band members strolling the street! So tomorrow night we are going to try and get some scalped tickets! We should be meeting up with Benjarmin soon... but as normal we have heard nothing from him, we imagine he will magically appear to us...
But yeah, so much has happened... its just so divine here for so many reasons...


Hope everyone is doing well!
Pam and I are at my friend Shofna's for dinner so just quickly using her internet! Please send me an update!


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  1. HAHAHAHA. That karaoke bit just made my day! Lookin good guys, lookin gooooood.
    PS: I just bought all of Fleet Fox's stuff on ITunes. Officially my new favourite band.. thanks for introducing me to their glory!